Sonora and Roadrunner Chapters at Air & Space Museum

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Club Logo available for your shirts, bags, etc



The club has decided to take a different approach to our logoed items.   Rather than purchasing shirts, hats etc then reselling them to you we have decided to provide individual, personalized machine embroidery of our logo on items of your choice, such as woven or knit shirts, blouses, beachwear or other items.

The basic size is about 4 inches wide x 2 1/4 inches high and costs $15 for the embroidery at this size.

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European Delivery – Year 2

—Melanie Yu

Part 1: Days 1 and 2

My husband had an amazing trip in 2013-picking up his M3 and driving it 1700 miles through Europe, with the highlight being a day at the Nurburgring.  In 2014, my husband planned for us to pick up my new Mineral White 228 MSport.  I, however, was less interested in driving my new car around Europe, and more interested in having a romantic vacation with the Hubby seeing the amazing sights in Northern Italy and getting the car back to the U.S. as quickly as possible.  I spent weeks planning a detailed itinerary, balancing famous tourist sites and escaping crowds to enjoy some amazing scenery.  I was much more excited about exploring cities we had never been before.  However, if you are a car enthusiast/aficionado, you will not be disappointed with this write up as we experienced several amazing car events, despite me not having planned any of them.  I told my husband the car gods must love him, because somehow Mille Miglia, Lamborghini, Ferrari–just to name a few, sprinkled their way into what I planned to be a vacation of wine, art, culture, history, and romance.  Stay tuned….Day 1 May 10, 2014 So on 5/10/14, we were off!  The long flight is no fun. It’s usually the worst part of our trip.

Day 2 May 11, 2014: Munich
We arrived at Munich Airport in the morning and the line to get through immigration was not only packed, but highly disorganized–which was the complete opposite experience we had the year before going through immigration in Frankfurt.  It could have been due to us flying US Airways vs Lufthansa the previous year.  However, we got through it and having spent several days in Munich last year and very successfully using the subway system, we were pretty confident in our abilities to get ourselves to the hotel without the assistance of Rolf, who we had hired in 2013 as it was our first ever trip to Europe.  After all, how hard could it be–we were staying at the Westin Grand Munich, the exact same hotel from the year prior.  We went to an ATM to get Euros (ATM affiliated with our bank in the US was the most cost-effective way to get cash) and set off to the subway station. Transportation to the Westin ended up being a bit trickier than we had thought. While the subway is very easy to use within the main areas of Munich, the airport is outside that circle. Thus, we had to take the subway, get off, walk to a bus stop, wait for the bus, then take the bus to a stop near our hotel.  Lesson learned: get a taxi or hire Rolf to get to the hotel, then use the subway system around town. I had originally planned on checking into the hotel and then taking off to the city of Nuremberg, but because it had taken longer than expected to get to the hotel and we were so exhausted from the long travel day, I decided it best to stay in Munch and get some rest. Thus after dropping off our luggage, we went to find lunch. Because we were only going to be in Munich a couple of days, we decided to go without Internet service on our cell phone until we got to Italy, as that would save us some money.  We took off to the area where the famous Hofbrauhaus is located.  We had already eaten there the year before, so we decided instead to try a busy restaurant nearby called Schuhbecks Orlando. Schuhbecks Orlando This restaurant was decent, we wouldn’t call it great, but we are not crazy about German food and were quite tired, so our opinion really may not be that accurate.  The restaurant is part of a hotel as well.  All in all, we had a decent experience here, but thought it to be quite expensive. After lunch, we decided to go back to the hotel and get some rest.  After waking up from a restful nap, we set off to Welt.

Welt Unfortunately, we slept for too long and arrived minutes before 6 pm and were not allowed to enter the museum. The Germans are prompt and efficient.  My husband still had a good time walking around Welt and checking out some of the new cars and taking photos.  I took the opportunity to use the free Wifi at Welt to let our friends and family know that we had safely arrived in Germany and were about to begin our great adventure.

Cafe Blu After Welt, we set off to an Asian restaurant called Jasmin, which had great reviews on line. However, when we arrived there, the hostess stated they were “full due to Mother’s Day” and wouldn’t seat us, although we saw several empty tables. We ended up going a couple of doors down to Cafe Blu, which was a small diner. It seemed that this was a place where mostly locals went for drinks. Overall, we would give this place 3 out of 5 stars–the food was decent, prices were reasonable, and the service was a bit slow.