Notes from the Secretary

Hello Club Members,

The Sonora Chapter Board meeting was held October 4 at Fronimo’s restaurant.  Although the weather hasn’t cooled down yet, there is plenty of activity coming up.  Look for notices about the October 12th monthly Thursday Dinner at Claim Jumper, and the October 14th Patagonia Fall Festival tour.  Also coming up are two car shows; the October 21st Tucson Classics Car show, and the November 4th Cops & Rodders Car show.  Hope to see you there.

Also look for information about a November 12 backyard picnic, details TBD.  And of course the December 9 Ft. Huachuca Holiday Homes Tour & Lunch.  And don’t forget to vote for the yearly election of Club officers.

Hope to see you at a dinner or upcoming event.  Feel free to attend a Board meeting too, they are listed on the events calendar.